Love For Sale (with loyalty points)

An interesting news item reports that prostitutes could soon be touting for business in shopping centres in Budapest. Hungary’s Interior Ministry is thinking of allowing some malls where prostitutes could strike deals for sex, as long as they “move to a place of their own to enact the transaction.”

A spokesperson for the Hungarian government says there is “nothing intrinsically wrong” with an entertainment centre without gratification.”
If this is correct then the former communist state could be leading the way to a new area of commercial activity that our traditional Western capitalists have yet failed to appreciate the potential of. Free Enterprise in Britain and

America has in my opinion always been too ready to acquiesce to the moral strictures of extreme religion. How can any red – blooded capitalist be against commercial sex. OK I know it degrades women, it is exploitative, can lead to abuse and some insist it subverts the values of Christian society (I don’t recall Jesus condemning the hooker though…) Let’s stop being mealy mouthed, hell, we are talking about capitalists here, the people who are happy to profit from making bombs, land – mines and napalm and selling them to third world tyrants; people who are prepared to manipulate the financial markets and consign millions of honest, average citizens to an impoverished old age in order to line their own pockets. We are talking about the morality of the rat – pack.

If we lived in an honest world Wal-Mart would be into the brothel business like a ferret into a rabbit hole. Tesco would not be far behind and both would face stiff competition from German cut – price chain Aldi offering shoddy but heavily discounted sex thrills from Eastern Europe. And that is just the low end of the market (I was going to say “bottom end” but that would be open to misunderstanding.)

What about demand from the high class shopper. Posh people’s chain Harvey Nicholls would do well offering refined young ladies from “old money” families, a thousand pounds up front and you fund her habit. Nieman Marcus on the other hand could specialise in the exotic, a Russian Princess maybe (only a few left in the world), a critically acclaimed writer whose dreary feminist tomes do not sell, a fashion model who grew breasts whilst in rehab. thus ruinging her career. Retiring to private place to “enact the transaction” would not be a problem either.

Most malls could install travel – lodge style accommodation on a mezzanine floor without inconveniencing shoppers who merely wanted a few essential food items.

It could all be very discreet and properly organised just like buying any other goods or services. Without the fear of being arrested in a police sting or mugged by the accomplice of a woman posing as a respectable working girl the customer experience would be enhanced.

And of course the embarrassment of paying a lady of negotiable affection for her services would be lessened if you knew she was going to say “thank you sir, and do you have a loyalty card?”

Ian Thorpe, May 2005.
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3 thoughts on “Love For Sale (with loyalty points)

  1. . . .so what exactly IS it about the “sex for sale” industry that is so abhorent, even to, as you correctly perceive, the inhuman purveyors of death and destruction.
    Similarly, we are yet to witness the first showing of an erect penis on western mainstream television. Yet, of course we are treated to daily doses of horrific violence, real or simulated/suggested. When it comes to the stage that we are allowed to see people blown to bits, shot, tortured etc etc and yet not allowed to see on television the most natural act that humans do, then that is very odd indeed.

    Personally I blame sexual repression Victorian bible belt style from an early age, where children are made to feel guilty about expressing their sexuality in any form. This early-years scarring, like any other indoctrination in infancy or early childhood is extremely difficult to erase in later life ( scars made whilst the brain is still forming become structural rather than functional problems) Then of course this sexual repression is passed on from one generation to the next. And so it goes.

    I’m writing through Cathead’s blog, but if you care to read more of my blog gripes and scribbles, I’m at;

    ( Google is the best SE to find )


  2. I thank you for your comment Ian, not sure if I’m repressed or not because I’m not sure what is “normal” or not ~ for a human DNA-implant cat. Like; you tell me.

    I suppose you will have heard that old Punk poet John Cooper Clarke’s comment on the matter in hand, with his poem entitled;

    ” You’ll never see a nipple in the Daily Express”
    ( you’ll see all kinds of things in hideous excess, but. . . . … Daily Express)

    nice one



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