Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

It was probably around forty years ago that a geeky student wandered onto the Top Of The Pops set and warbled a song about the degeneration of Society. Everyone’s Gone To The Moon was Jonathan King’s first hit record. I the years that followed we all wished he would go to the moon. Or at least fuck off somewhere…anywhere.

Dull post of Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

Meet my Texan sweetie – Janet Caldwell

One thought on “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

  1. Hi Ian,

    I have been replying to your comments on my posts,however i am not sure that i have been using the blog site tools correctly. I am new to this game. It seems no-one is interested in social science ( a sad reflection of the way society is headed perhaps? or maybe they are all Thatcherites who don’t think that there is such a thing as a society anylonger).
    What a world this is we sit pack and happily watch our cities being turned from places of work to places of consumption where the flawed consumers are pushed to the periphery of the vibrant post modern city. Our world is being glocalised, the information rich are taking over and only the bloggers can save the cyberian from the new cyburban classes. We are happy for our public spaces to become semi public places, given new identities by the commercial classes who design our world, turning it into plastic replicas of real places that once existed, while providing the good consumers the protections of the superpanoptican.

    chat to you soon



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