Some American academics are concerned about the number of British slang words and colloquialisms that are finding their way into the pure and beautiful American language after being picked up from TV shows and films. One particular individual who shall be nameless because he is probably the type of small minded, humourless bastard who would sue, is getting his knickers in a right old twist and throwing hissy fits about it every chance he gets. And what are these colloquialisms he finds so irritatingly un-American? Well his favourites are “gone missing” and “at the end of the day.” Learn more Britspeak here: links to slang dictionaries provided.


Britain Needs A Motto? Hold A National Mottery

5 thoughts on “BRITSPEAK

  1. You never fail to amaze me Ian…that was absolutely brilliant!

    Our friends at Microsoft have done the unimaginable…(I’m using that word because, under the circumstances, any civilized person would do so.) Chinese bloggers have been banned from the “privilege” of expressing free speech and thought. It seems our friends in “The Land Of The Free” just hate, or are unfamiliar with the words “freedom”, “democracy” and “demonstration”.
    Or maybe, they should go to kindergarten and learn english afresh!
    I have to go out and throw up…now.


  2. That was brilliant. For years I’ve defended the right of Americans to invent words. My sister-in-law told me off for saying 24/7 and said I shouldn’t because it was an Americanism. (Cheeky cow) Had I told her I’d just had a lengthy read of the financial pages I doubt if she’d have raised an objection, although ‘lengthy’ and ‘financial’ are both Americanisms that provoked outrage when first imported. Language is organic and should grow and be driven by its users, not by pompous academics. However, when I heard that an uppity American had the sheer nerve to consider that our English might be polluting his, I felt my hackles rise for reasons that have nothing to do with all that I’ve said previously. So I have to face the fact that, beneath my etymological liberalism, I’m just a language snob like everyone else. Damn!


  3. Well struth mate!! That post was the funniest damn thing Ive ever read, it made me as happy as a dingo with a baby. I don’t know what its like for you Poms, but over here in Oz that yankee talk is movin’ faster than a Cane Toad hit with a golf club. ‘Bout time we got even with the yanks, and make ’em talk fair dinkum like. Bloody oath and bugger, im off to get me a sheila and some grog!!

    Sorry, your post made me feel very patriotic about Australian slang.

    Hoo Roo


  4. I really liked your way of saying things. I would like to remind you the fuss about the terms to be avoided because they offend others. Like ‘brainstorming’ – it offends people with mental illnesses and ‘couch potato’ – it offends the Farmer’s Association. It is a little too much, don’t you think?


  5. Haha great stuff! Americans will regularly use half a dozen words when one will do. But love and kisses to all our American friends anyway…. especially the uptight asses that can’t see the funny side of things and who take themselves so seriously that they have lost the ability to step aside and see how absurd their litigous life style has become.


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