Obesely Morbid

Las Vegas’s local authority has become the latest in the US to put into service a new super-sized ambulance specially equipped to handle massively
overweight patients. The vehicle, developed by the American Medical. Response unit, has a special ramp and a winch that can handle loads of
1,600lb (114 stone). In the past 6 months, AMR has dealt with 75 calls involving patients who weighed at least 600lb.

The obvious solution is tosend a sugeon with the paramedics and take the patients away a bit at a time

3 thoughts on “Obesely Morbid

  1. My brother’s an ambulance paramedic and related a call-out he did a few years back. His team mate ( they worked in pairs) and him arrived at a house and were directed to an upstairs bedroom. Upon entering they saw nothing but a heavily bowed wrought iron frame bed. Walking around it, my brother was stunned to a standstill by the sight of a huge 35st jellyfish of a woman naked on her back on the floor. She’d rolled out of bed and was stranded, her almost buried-in-flab arms and legs waving in the air like an upturned beetle.

    That was the day he first did his back in, trying to lift her up. In the end they needed six guys to haul her back onto the bed and a year later a crane and sling had to be summoned to lift her out the upstairs window for hospital treatment.

    No super-sized ambulances back in those days – they had to hire a container lorry to cart her off!!!

    -only kidding!

    Bet I bet it was a tight squeeze though, in the ambulance they had.


  2. Super sized ambulances for people up to 114 stones!!!!!

    Thats over 100 stones heavier than me.

    How can that possibly happen to a person???


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