Trouserless in Whitehall

My first visit to London is a barely remembered experience. I was only seven or eight years old. One thing that has stayed in my mind though was going to the grown – up theatre with my parents.
The name of the production is long gone from memory, if it was ever there, but the venue was The Whitehall Theatre and we saw a farce starring an actor named Brian Rix. What I remember was that Mr. Rix kept losing his trousers. Being young I found this hilarious, with hindsight it amazes me that the rest of the audience did too.

Ah well, life was simple in 1956.

There must be something in the air around the Whitehall area of London that has a catastrophic effect on trousers. Time has shown me that not only Brian Rix but almost everybody who works around there has trouble keeping a pair on for more than a few minutes.
Few actors work in Whitehall of course so the usual victims of troublesome trouser syndrome are politicians and in Brian Rix’s day it was always conservative politicians. Recently however the problem has spread across the political spectrum to encompass some of the most unlikely adulterers imaginable.

This weeks star turn, John “two shags” Prescott joins Dave “can’t see what all the fuss is about” Blunkett, Lib. Dem. Mark “I’m free but he charges £80” Oaten, Paddy Pantsdown, John “any more peas” Major, Dave “number five on my Chelsea shirt does not mean I’m a central defender” Mellor and a welsh member who extended his extra – mural trouser dropping activities as far as Clapham Common.

Brian Rix built a career on dropping his trousers, following his well trodden path has cost many others their careers. But with politicians involved in such clownish behaviour its no surprise that the Whitehall Theatre does not bother putting on farces now.

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3 thoughts on “Trouserless in Whitehall

  1. forget the trouser prob eb, worse is to come as revelation (!) about serial groping begin to emerge.

    So it looks like Charles ‘Shrek’ Clarke may survive as his only problem is being incompetent.


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