In a strop


Hello adoring fans, Jenny here. Sorry, no posting of usual funny, topical item today as Ian is throwing the mothereffer of all hissy fits, o yes.

See he work very hard my boy, he creating links to manys big blogs and slowslowslowly we climb us the hits ladder until back to levels not experienced since last June when blogcouk stick spike up arseholes of enthusiastical bloggers by only counting selected hits.

And then last Fridays Ian hit jackpot. Eighthundredandbloodybuggeyfifty hits in only one day. And still not making top ten on the front pages. Now Ian clever boy, o yes, so he look at hits traffic and guess what, boggartblog wayandaway top hitting, Gnarls efinng Barclay eating your heart out or what?

So Ian he say stuffing up your arse and stomping off to pub. Now totally rat arsed and Jenny can’t do thing with him.

Ian come round soon of courses, but Jenny have to agree with him, this site got bloodyfucking funny way of calkliating statistics.

love from Jenny, (especially to Mikey St. Mark who have a bit of a thing for I, o yes.) MORE original humour from Boggart Blog every day.


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