Goodbye Singing Poo Lady

Gillian McKeith, the poo lady, was eliminated from Celebrity Stools – sorry, Celebrity X Factor last night. Sensing the nations disappointment that we will not hear the lovely turd tester serenading us again Boggart Blog, thanks to Jenny Greenteeth installing herself in Gillian’s enema kit, can bring you news of the songs you have missed. Had she progressed in the contest Gillian was going to sing:

1) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Poo
2) Plop Goes The Weasel
3) She Loves Poo
4) Poetry in MOTION
5) Shit The Road Jack
6) The Crapping Song
7)- and this one was for the grand finale

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Singing Poo Lady

  1. Oh well done! This sort of toilet humour is right down my pan, alley I mean s-bend.

    8. Always something there to remind me!
    9. Don’t break my fart!
    10. After the bog brush

    Hope you didn’t mind me rounding it up to 10.

    Quite like Shit the road Jack 😉


  2. I wonder if she’s ever listened to Frank Zappa & the Mothers’ late 1970s classic ” Constipation blues ” – it’s certainly bog-raucus enough to send anyone clean ’round the bend.

    I think though that she could well be a secret admirer of the infamous Bog Blog, on the side.


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