Blair Force One

As the President-Prime Minister, His Most Magnificent Excellency, Generalissimo Lord Tony The Duke of Blair takes delivery of his new personal transport toy, a 200 seater Boeing 737 (I wonder if it is exempt from congestion the charge as it will mostly taxi from Downing Street to Parliament Square?) we taxpayers must grit out teeth and bear the expense.
It seems there are no lengths to which the arch hypocrite will not go, no opportunities for self – aggrandisement he will not grab in order to follow in the footsteps of George Bush.
So what other trappings of the American presidency can we expect to see being adopted in Britain?
Perhaps we should be grateful that we already have a Camp David. He is leader of the Conservatives.

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7 thoughts on “Blair Force One

  1. Not Blairforce one but apparently Blairforce two, I understand he is to have two jets a big one for long flights and a smaller one for closer more frequent flights. Ofcourse he has deemed to share these trappings of State with Her Majesty – who in the hell does he think he is? Maggie stole HM’s royal ‘WE’ now Blair wants to go one better and have Royal Transport…. I have a Message for you Tony B Liar, ‘Its time you went…. infact the time for you to go has come and gone its long long overdue, call the removal company and start packing’


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