Hug A Hoodie or Charver a Chav?

If radio phone – ins are anything to go by, social workers and other liberally inclined types are ecstatic about David Cameron’s exhortation to us all to hug a hoodied, in other words to show some love and compassion to those scowling little oiks who perfer to hide their indentities under the voluminous hoods of their ill fitting sweatshirts when planning or perpetrating malfeasance.
But before we, in our desperation to be rid of New Labour and all its hypocrisies, get carried away with this commitment to “caring conservatism,” let us not forget that Cameron is an Old Etonian.
And we all know what happens to junior boys at Eton.

So should we not demand that the last custodian of civilised values in the Parliamentary system, Dennis Skinner, be demanding to know what exactly the Tories intentions are towards these unfortunate adolescents with whom they are recommending an unsavoury level of physical contact.

From the Polari Dictionary:
Charver, vb. inf.; to express affection phyically, usually with considerable enthusiasm. See also: rodger, screw, boff, bang, shaft, bonk.

3 thoughts on “Hug A Hoodie or Charver a Chav?

  1. I think cameron should be commended for trying to deal with a sensitive issue. As soon as he had spoken the Labour spinners were making him out to be soft on crime but he is right – the current government has been all too quick to punish young people without looking into the causes and the reasons why. It is always easier to try and stop the problem than look at the cause. Take depression for example, Prozac and other biological treatments may help the person in the short term but they do not treat the under-lying problems as to why the person is depressed.

    Read my view of the hoody issue Here


    • The cause of the problem is not poverty, these kids are wearing hoodies and trainers that cost £150 each and T shirts that cost £50. I get very smart T shirts from Cotton Traders, 3 for £15.
      The cause of the problem is povery of imagination and the first step towards curing that is discipline. There is no creativity without self discipline.


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