Blair’s Super Nanny State

In an article for the Currant Bun Tony Blair announced the launch of The Super Nanny State.
As part of a crackdown on anti social behaviour teams of Super Nanny State Stormtroopers will swoop on areas where “poor parenting” is rife. “Poor parenting”, according to Blair, is the cause of anti social behaviour and does incalculable harm to children.
People found guilty of “poor parenting” will be sent on parenting courses, to be run we guess by Ruth Kelly and a newly appointed parenting Csar rumoured to be Cilla from Coronation Street.

But, you might well ask, is the problem “poor parenting” or simply parenting? Boggart Blog thinks people with children should forget about parenting and go back to being Mums and Dads.

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4 thoughts on “Blair’s Super Nanny State

  1. I agree.

    According to todays standards, I should be withdrawn, yobo, ant-establishment, child-beater, and a few other very nice labels. Why? Because my parents gave ma a smack across the back of the legs if I was really naughty, and they sent me to my bedroom until I calmed down, or appologised. They did not beat me, i only got a smack if I was really rude to anyone.

    They were good parents, I was never hungry, never naked and always felt loved. But today they would be sent to parenting classes.

    What is a good parent if they are not people who love their children?


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