Trident: a grim warning from the past.

Fifty years ago the as debate raged over whether Britain should maintain an independent nuclear deterrent the great Labour politician Nye. Bevan warned it would be folly to “send the British Foreign Secretary naked into the debating chambers of Europe.”
As the debate rages again Bevan’s warning takes on a grim new significance when we remember the Foreign Secretary is Margaret Becket.

5 thoughts on “Trident: a grim warning from the past.

  1. The big difference this time is that it isn’t a debate. It’s a Blair-faced decision to do what his owners have told him to do.

    Any pretence that anyone but Blair will get to decide anything, is hilarious. His owners have told him what to do, and the idea we might influence him in any way such as perhaps a concession of five less warheads if we are good….


    • ‘His owners’ conjures up visions of those extra-terrestial beings from The Simpsons.

      Who are Tony Blair’s owners then? Is it the lame duck president of USA that has a hold over the lame duck UK PM? If so, what is the nature of this ownership? Do they own the Conservative Party as well? How about the Lib Dems?

      There’s little debate because none of the major Bristish political parties have opposed renewing trident.


      • Hmm – not a Simpsons fan so I’d go for the Slithereens from Dr. Who. Oh but they were too smart to be American Republicans.
        Actually nobody has opposed it because there has been no debate. The Lib Dems are against and the Government in waiting (The Greens – OK I’m a sad dreamer)are 100% against.


      • I’m sure I seen something resembling a debate in The Commons the other day. The Tories were all in favour and the Lib Dems said that they’d like to have a think about it for a few more years.


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