The Next (but one) Former Future Prime Minister Revealed?

Diehard Tories rejoicing at the disintegration of the New Labour project should take a break from swilling Champagne and scoffing fluffy kitten vol – au – vents and spend a moment in sober reflection.
In politics what goes around comes around, and ever more quickly it seems and the current Conservative Future Prime Minister David Cameron seems to be in an undignified hurry to make himself a Former Future Prime Minister in the great tradition that stretches from William Hague back though Michael Heseltine all the way to someone called R.A. Butler. The slightest whiff of power it seems, like topping the polls by 3% has turned The Boy David into the embodiment of halfwitted Toryboyism that has so endeared the party to us over the last twenty years.
On Monday the new Former Future Prime Minister addressed the Oxford Farming Conference.
“Farming,” he told his audience, “is about food production.”
You just can’t argue with facts like that of course but its the assumption that a group of farmers whose families had been farmers for generations needed to be made aware of it that tells us we are in for some good belly-laughs from DC before the party dump himand bring back William Hague.

10 thoughts on “The Next (but one) Former Future Prime Minister Revealed?

  1. He is a sharp cookie eh? 😉 Farming = food
    How about schools = education and furthermore – no, no I was nearly going to mention hospitals – but after seeing Gerry Robinson struggling with the NHS I think we can forget all visions of a “health service”


    • I’d love to be more even handed with my insults but as the Tories and Lib Dems have discovered the Secret of Invisibility its difficult.

      Unfortunately I am electorally disenfranchised as The Greens hasve yet to field a candidate in Hyndburn at a General Election. I always vote Green in European elections in which my vote does actually count.

      Last time I voted in a General Election it was for The Natural Law Party, the yogic flyers of yesteryear. I do take my vote seriously and will only ever vote positively rather than for the “least worst” option. I would regard a tactical vote as positive.


      • Thanks for your candour. My opinion is that if you don’t vote then you’re letting someone else make the choice for you. And the least worst option is always going to be the best option you’ll ever get.


      • Well call me old fashioned possum but I think if the candidates are standing for election on a promise to represent ALL the constituents when I know damn well whoever is elected will only respresent the interests of the central party it seems to me like no option at all.
        I would like a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option like in that Richard Pryor film then we could show our disgust with the whole hypocritical, self serving pack of them.

        And to think I once had political ambitions myself.


  2. Along with my pet rabbit called General Bellgrano, if the Tories put a tall housewives’ choice-handsome’ish clean- cut young buffoon who knows beans about sums, up for PM at the next they’d sail it against Brown’s Mould Labour.

    Oh, hang on a mo’ they have!


    • Yeah but collecting subsidies produces food (caviar and champagne)for the farmers and their families. So its indirectly about food production.

      Its all news to me anyway. I thought farming was about pointing shotguns at people and saying “Get Orf Moi Laaaaaand”


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