Fashion Commandos.

Not being a follower of fashions in clothing I missed noting which couture house kicked off the trend among celebrity clothes horses for going commando. The knickerless look seems to be catching on however.
In the past week singer Britney Spears, while exiting a limo showed us its not only her head that has been shaved and screenstar Lindsay Lohan, displaying similar lack of elegance in exiting her ride gave us a sighting of the landing strip.
The biggest surprise though came when celebrity airhead Paris Hilton’s ungainly swing, legs akimbo, from the back seat of her car left us to make up our own minds what we saw.
To Boggart Blog it looked as if either:

Osama Bin Laden is hiding up her skirt
She has got into the environmental thing
and is creating a mini rain – forest
environment for endangered species.

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