Paddington Bear has ditched his beloved marmalade sandwiches in favour of marmite. Shock! Horror! How can this be? In an article in The Times Natalie Haynes claimed that Paddington’s creator, Michael Bond, had written the script for the commercial starring the duffel coated bear from darkest Peru trying out a marmite sandwich, suggesting that he had received a shed load of money to change Paddington’s tastes. Mr. Bond was quick to repudiate the allegation. In a letter published in today’s Times he says, “I should be so lucky…”
So what is going on exactly? I think we should consider the possibility that Paddington has been taken hostage by the PFFM (People’s Front For Marmite) and is being made to make these commercials against his will.

2 thoughts on “PADDINGTONGATE

  1. Its an outrage I know, but you have to sympathise with the little bear. Its so hard to find a decent jar of martmalade these days.
    When I was a lad, back in the days when Elephants were sevenpence for twenty, you could get various brands of Thick Cut Marmalade that had to be attacked with a pneumatic drill before they could be got out of the jar.


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