Immigrants Cause Language Problem For Native Brits.

Unrestricted immigration such as is happening since the EU expanded to many East European nations can case many problems, not the least of which is language.While we rejoice in the fact that NHS Dentists and freelance plumbers are available to all, we must sympathise with the schoolteachers who are suddenlyfaced with teaching a class, up to 50% of whome either only have very limited English or do not speak the language at all. But problems are not restricted to schools or the workplace.

Some busineses, in their eagerness to welcome the new Europeans had gone just a little overboard. For example, outside ASDA’s local store a large advertising board proclaims “Polish food in stock.”

This has so confused older shoppers they are taking in dusters and tins of Mr. Sheen and buffing up a few tins of beans on their way round.

6 thoughts on “Immigrants Cause Language Problem For Native Brits.

  1. Well, there’s a surprise.

    Meanwhile, in France, UK early retirees are told they can no longer get French healthcare on the same terms as the French do.

    As reported in the Telegraph and at lunchtime today on BBC news, in an especially weedy piece of reporting which failed to ask the b****y obvious question – why are we forking out for thousands of EU nationals to get free NHS treatment then?

    I despair not only for our country’s continued eagerness to roll over in front of the EU, but also the pathetic standard of news reporting. Hmph.


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