At Last! America Catches On To Halloween’s Pagan Origins.

In the wake of some televised footage from Hollywood Celebrity Halloween parties which paid close attention to the costumes outfits paraded by some female celebs, religious fundamentalists have found something new to get worked up about. Instead of ranting about the Satanic nature of Halloween and its corrosive effect on children’s souls or as you and me would put it, a dressing up party for kids, the fundies are now up in arms about the “sexualisation of Halloween.” Oh well sex is a million times worse than Satan.

The problem is Halloween, originally the pagan festival of Samhuinn was always sexy, long before Christianity invented Satan the pagans were celebrating the end of the agricultural year with five days of boozing, over – eating, games, music, dance and unrestrained shagging and throwing miserable buggers on bonfires.
All pagan festivals, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox and Samhuinn or Halloween tended to focus on boozing, over –eating, games, music, dance and unrestrained shagging (throwing miserable buggers on bonfires was optional at the other seven.)
When Christianity gained the ascendancy the dancing and shagging were right out, apparently God cannot tell the difference between the two so both offend him equally. Worse, only the priests got to booze and over eat, so the ordinary people were left with games (communal praying) and music (communal hymn singing.)

No wonder paganism is resurgent, because whatever else the pagans may be, you have to admit that each and every one of them knows one of the great necessities in life. They know how to throw a party.

Celebs Dressed Up
Sexy? Looks like a bunch of people getting rat arsed in fancy dress to me.

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6 thoughts on “At Last! America Catches On To Halloween’s Pagan Origins.

  1. Now Ian, it’s not God who’s offended by the drinking, dancing and shagging, it those ultra religious people who think they know what God likes! (eg, the Roman Catholic Church, and those mad Fundamentalists!)


    • Excuse Me! The RCs don’t disapprove of drinking, they encourage it because if you drink enough you can’t have sex.

      Trouble is Ros, those crackpot extremists can always find a passage in The Bible that can be spun to back up their warped attitudes.

      Like I’m always saying, dump the Old Testament and anything to do with St. Paul and what’s left is quite reasonable.

      But in your heart of hearts you know that.

      BTW how’d the interview go? If you’re still stuck send me a copy of your CV and I’ll put my management consultant’s hat on and see if I can pimp it up for you.


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