Surveillance Society: A Message for Government Pokenoses.

Here is a message from Boggart Blog to the Military Intelligence Officers, Special Branch Coppers, Benefit AgenCy snoopers and town hall bureaucrats who may be tapping our phone and monitoring our e-mails and this subversive and insurrectionist blog..


For those of you not familiar with the Benefits Agency, they used to be the department of Social Security and their Fraud Investigation Team had more powers than the police. The mystery is not why did they change their name from the dSS but why it took them twenty years to get round to it.

Learn more about the erosion of civil rights, the destruction of privacy and how our government, in the name of state security, now collects more data on citizens that Statsi, the secret police in the old communist regime of East Germany ever did on the oppresssed citizens o9f that unfortunate nation.

New German Government Smartphone Spyware Will Monitor Citizens’ Calls, Typing AND See Through Their Camera Lenses
The German Interior Ministry has revealed a new “Bundestrojaner” or government trojan horse software that will enable security agencies to track the smartphone activities of anyone who downloads it. We understand Chancellor Merkel’s government has also adopted an “off the shelf” tool from a company which is said to help authoritarian regimes track their citizens …
Living In The Surveillance Society

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