I Love Mr. Al Fayed

We should all love Mohammed Al Fayed. His outburst is court and his repeated assertions that Phil The Greek is a gangster and a nazi are the rantings of someone who has gone past grief and is just plain bonkers in the head.

But isn’t it fun watching the establishment squirm.

Boggatrt Blogs wish for the spring: call us sadistic if you like possums, but wouldn’t it be perfect if the next celebrity wedding we report was between Mohammed Al Fayed and Heather Mills McCArtney?

9 thoughts on “I Love Mr. Al Fayed

  1. i would pay to see that….mind you he should be made to pay the cost of this stupid inquest….for 100 grand i could of told them what happend…IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!!…/see i would have saved the tax payer millions…:)


  2. Given both their states of permanent delusion I would think it was a marriage made in heaven.

    Funny how Mr. Fayed has not worked out that if his allegations had even an iota of substance to them he would have long been holding up the ceiling of the Alma underpass.


  3. you may be right but the imagine of people on my side of the globe will not rest, thanks to BBC, SkyNews and CNN. it is painful for any father to have to go through the wringer like al fayed is now enduring, but he has to find some closure and take this accident like it is. if he feels it was a setup that has cost him his dear son, he must remember the same setup cost a couple of young lads their mum.


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