It Drives Me Round The Bend

The government is to introduce new measures to make learning to drive more lucrative for the instructors and examiners, er sorry, that should have read more rigorous, in an attempt to curb the rising number of deaths amongst young drivers.
The cost of learning to drive will increase by about £500 and it will take more lessons over a longer period of time before drivers can take their test, thus meaning that most people will not be passing a test when they are 17. This wil drastically reduce the number of 17 year old drivers involved in road traffic accidents. DOH!

I read today that only 7% of driving instructors attain the top grade of 6 when they take their exam. The vast majority attain grade 4, which is the barest minimum, below that and they fail and have to take their exam again.
Now surely this is the place to start. Given that being in charge of a ton of metal capable of moving at speeds of up to 70mph (that’s for those of you who think young men are liable to stick to the rules of the road) is a pretty challenging and dangerous thing to do, especially when there are lots of other young people in charge of similar chunks of metal, shouldn’t the instruction be top notch all the time?
Surely driving instructors should be two or three cuts, at least, above Joe Public and this governments favourite buzzword of “excellence” should be strictly applied as the target for instructors and examiners to strive for.
How on earth do they expect to get people to drive to a reasonable, safe standard if the instructors are merely mediocre?

5 thoughts on “It Drives Me Round The Bend

  1. My driving instructor was an ex traffic cop. He taught me all the dodges, taught me exactly how much I could exceed the speed limit without triggering the camera, and used to tell me he’d let me off a bollocking because I had nice arse. The first time I said “Oh shit!” He said “I think you meant FUCK there”.

    When I passed my test he took me onto the M5 and made me drive at 110 mph just to see what it felt like. I think all driving instructors should be like him. By law.

    I’d previously dismissed at least four instructors who were less than competent: one was nervous and insisted on doing all the footwork, one made racist remarks and consistently groped my thigh, one (a woman) pulled over to chat all the bloody time, and another objected to my foul language.

    I failed my first test for being too cautious and my second for being too reckless. My examiner on all three occasions was Mr Bowell. I called him The Irritable Bowell.

    Happy days!:D

    Personally I have found young female drivers to be just as incompetent, rude and aggressive as the male variety.


    • Hi Sal, I’ve been on downtime.

      Fat Sally likes driving at 110 too, its a regular pastime for her. And our Brother Gra has never been known to drave at less than 110 when he has a clear road.


  2. My driving instructor did attain the 6 grade! 😀

    I think the reason I’m such a safe driver, is because it took me three years and seven attempts to pass the test! :yes: Being very cautious probably helped! :>>


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