They Didn’t Think It Through – Again

If we were in the business of rehabilitating criminals in the prison system so that on being discharged they were equipped to take their place in society and earn and honest living how would we go about that?
What training courses might we offer to the former burglars, safe crackers and car thieves. What trades would be best suited to keeping them in gainful employment and out of the way of temptation?
We can see at once that plumbing, painting and decorating and domestic electrics would not be very suitable as these tradesmen may at times have to be left alone in a customer’s house. Car Mechanics and carpenters work is mostly carried on in workshops so they are good prospects.
Work in factories or on construction sites is good, shop work which involves handling cash is a bit dodgy for those with the light fingered gene.
There is one trade however we would not in any circumstances offer to people with a criminal record.

So why, among the retraining programmes offered by the prison service in Kent is a course in being a LOCKSMITH the most popular option on offer.

Someone didn’t think that one through did they?

One thought on “They Didn’t Think It Through – Again

  1. Hope To See You Again Soon…It’s alright riding shotgun with BBC. I get to see a lot of things one doesn’t necessarily notice whilst driving.
    Today we passed the prison. We’ve passed it many times before, but today I clocked the sign:



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