With Friends Like Blair

Gordon Brown, according to the popular consensus, is up shit creek without a paddle.
In the London mayoral election his party could suffer the embarrassment of being beaten by Tory buffoon Boris Johnson while in the local council elections the Tories will do well in the suburbs, the Lib Dems will do well in rural areas but worse, Labour could see its traditional hardcore vote crumble in the “they’d-vote-for-a-dog-turd-if-you-stuck-a-Labour-rosette-on-it” industrial heartland’s of the North and Midlands.
At such times a man needs to know he has friends he can rely on.
Gordie ought to be able to rely on the loyalty of former best mate Tony Blair, after all Blair did promise undying loyalty to his successor. But Tone has a new best mate now, Lord Levy, a man so sycophantic it is rumoured he does not fart without getting approval from the former P.M.
So we must ask is it any coincidence Lord Levy has published his memoirs which contain some damning revelations about Blair’s true opinion of Gordon (Gordon is a moron) a week before these crucial elections take place.
Blair has categorically denied ever calling Brown “a liar” or saying Labour could not possibly win the next election under Gordie’s leadership.
Can we believe Blair?
Well if we did it would require that Lord Levy had developed the ability to think for himself. And that is just stretching our credulity too far.

Crooks and Liars. Bill Maher on sustainability.

Balloon Juice – the true cost of outsourcing

7 thoughts on “With Friends Like Blair

  1. Waterman attributed Lord ‘cashpoint’ Levy (perhaps with a certain lack of sensitivity) of ‘being able to sell sand to the Arabs’.

    A Question of Honour among the self-interested indeed …

    And ‘I might pop in’ Brown is a liability.


    • Be interesting to see if he manages to sell his dull as ditchwater book to the British.

      And yes, Brown is a liability. But it isn’t good politics for Blair’s new best mate to be teling us so. its not even as if we had not worked it out for ourselves.

      As a management consultant when I was asked to comment officially on a colleague everybody knew I thought was a wanker I said, “he brings some unique abilities to the project team.”

      Now that’s politics 🙂


      • I’m not so sure Brown is a mistake. Having someone who knows economics running the country whilst debt is running amok makes me feel safer than feeling I’m being fed a load of spiel, and again, having someone who’s willing to reconsider when the consensus is against them is what I call democracy, and I like having the sober ballast that I consider Brown to be.

        So, go on Ian, destroy my sense of security! :))


  2. Refreshing hearing an American talk sense re Jeffrey Sachs interviewed by Bill Maher, I hope it has an effect.

    Re Balloon Juice – Thatcher managed to take loyalty, pride and community out of Britain in her act of giving the public sector away to profiteers at the expense of society’s well-being, a society she didn’t believe existed, and which she made damn sure would be prove her right. My only surprise with this is I thought America was as capitalist as they come already, I didn’t realise they still had a way to go and hadn’t yet tested Thatcherism. Not surprised they ignored the original results though.


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