Justice For None In Open Prisons

Jack Straw who as Home Secretary tried to push through detention without trial for terror suspects is now the Justice Secretary. Now there is an example of Orwellian newspeak if ever there was one. In his new role Mr. Straw has dismissed concerns raised by prison officers that the public are being put at risk because dangerous criminals are being moved to open prisons according to news sources.

Is this to make room for terrorist suspects? you might well ask.

Open prisons are so named because they are open; there is a noticeable lack of high walls and electrified fences behind which dangerous psychopaths out to be detained and a distinct lack of big blokes with fierce dogs to discourage said psychopaths from simply walking out through the open gate.

Prison service staff are worried that no matter how nice the government makes life inside open prisons some dangerous psychos who cannot resist the urge to menace law abiding citizens will be tempted to nip out for a shag, a few pints with their mates and to kick the living crap out of anyone who looks at them.

Over the past decade 14,000 prisoners have left open prisons without permission. When this was put to Mr. Straw he said that we have a serious overcrowding problem in high security prisons and things will not improve if prison officers insist on obstructing The Government’s efforts to improve the situation.

Spreading fear and panic among the public by talking about dangerous nutters absconding from Open Prisons is not going to help anybody.

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One thought on “Justice For None In Open Prisons

  1. Hope To See You Again Soon…It’s alright riding shotgun with BBC. I get to see a lot of things one doesn’t necessarily notice whilst driving.
    Today we passed the prison. We’ve passed it many times before, but today I clocked the sign:



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