Jeremy Clarkson’s G&T on ice lands him in hot water

The presenters of BBC television motoring magazine show Arrested Adolescence sorry, I mean Top Gear, are in trouble again.

The tight – lipped, tight arsed community of killjoys who get off on complaining to the BBC about trivial things took exception to Jeremy and co-presenter James May enjoying a Gin and Tonic as they drove a pick up truck over the polar ice in a race to The North Pole against third presenter Richard (Hamster) Hammond who was driving a more traditional dog sled.

Now let’s make it quite clear Boggart Blog disapproves of drink driving and would not encourage it in any circumstances (I don’t know why I bother, some arse will still accuse us of encouraging drink drivers.)

The tight arse army have seen their complaint upheld after accusing Clarkson and May of irresponsible behaviour in drinking while driving even though the polar ice cap they were driving on was nowhere near a public road. Why single out the drinking tough, isn’t driving a pickup truck over pack ice to the North Pole irresponsible enough on its own? But let’s not forget they are consenting adults.

The trio were censured for glamorising alcohol abuse, encouraging drink driving and setting a bad example to the young. They were reminded it is not the first time they have behaved irresponsibly and set a bad example as their show is notorious for stunts like blowing up Skodas, trashing Toyotas and torching Vauxhalls.

Now what we want to know is how can those tricks be said to set a bad example to teenagers? Round here the little shits trash Jaguars, blow up Beemers and torch Audis.

Top Gear producer quits over Chris Evans’ Tyrannical behaviour


12 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson’s G&T on ice lands him in hot water

  1. Laughing at Jack’s comment! 😀

    Yes. Clarkson, May and Hamster are //really// encouraging drink driving. As if it wouldn’t exist, if Top Gear didn’t exist! 🙄


    • Yeah, it was good. I thought building an aquacar and crossing the channel was marginally better though.

      But given the sheer whackiness of stunts like that, how can even killjoys take them seriously.


  2. Perhaps they should reformat Top Gear (which is doubly impressive when the presenters are giggly-pissed )…

    Let’s have ‘Sober Old Ladies in Clios Pootling About’…


    • Yeah! Get a few G&Ts down the old dears then revive that mini-monster the Renault5 Gordinin as the Clio Gordini.

      People should realise that in this crazy world doing something really stupid and pointless is the best way to deal with stress.


  3. I think the Beeb should follow the example set by Labour M.P. David Clelland and tell these whinging, miserable gits that it does not need their custom so they can stick it where it best pleases them.

    Of course I have to admit that when we were teenagers – early twenties, we drove round our locale, the Lake District, with both hands on the wheel, never breaking the speed limit, always obeying the rules of the road, including being exceptionally polite and helpful to the thousands of tourists who, towing their caravans behind them, come to dawdle through the awe inspiring landscape, despite the fact that we lived there and probably had somewhere important to go like the pub and, because Top Gear was only in its infancy and was a proper motoring magazine, never, ever so much as touched a drop before getting behind the wheel.



    • Yes I remember when I was visiting, a few nights spent in The Allerdale when you and Graham and all your friends sipped tonic water all night.
      Now you’re all boderline alkies and maniac drivers thanks to Jeremy Clarkson setting a bad example.


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