Campology: More News On Vocational Education.

Earlier this year, shortly after the government announced as part of a new initiative on vocational qualifications, courses sponsored by large employers would be given legal recognition as educational qualifications, Boggart Blog brought you and exclusive interview with Darren Chavver, the first grasduate of the McDonalds college of Burger Flipping and Macology.
Since then the holidays and leisure corporation butlin’s have launched their own course, the Hi-Di-Hi-Di-Ploma in regimented entertainment for working class holidaymakers. Now, as the season draws to a close a Boggart Network News senior writer interviews the first person to graduate with a foundation degree in Campology, Jason Jollidroll.

BNN: Jason, Good Morning and thank you for talking to Boggart Blog

Jason: Hi-de-hi, good morning campers, don’t forget the knobbly knees contest by the pool at twelve noon.

BNN: Thanks for that reminder Jason but can you tell us why you wanted to study for a degree in… oh fuck it, I can’t do this. Education my arse.

Macology – the Darren Chavver interview


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