Politically Incorrect Old Queen Shocked BBC Newsman

When a BBC news presenter interviewed the nation’s favourite grandmother back in the early 1990s the experience left him “shocked” that the Queen Mother (God Bless ‘er) used racist language in a casual way. The Lady was, he concluded, not the loveable, mischievous old soak we all thought but a nasty, racist bigot (sad that a BBC news presenter does not know what “bigot” means.)

In his book PC World, about the rise of Politically Correct Speech and thinking (we can see that being a huge seller over Christmas, what else would you want in your unisex stocking?) Edward Stourton, now a presenter on Radio 4’s Today, describes the QM’s dismissal of a united Europe with the words, “It will never work, not with all those huns, wops and dagos.” It’s a good thing she never mentioned the Crapauds, Phlegms and Turnips; the poor man might have had a heart attack.

Once over his initial shock (after three months rehab in the Maldives paid for out of licence fees no doubt) the writer gradually came to realise the Queen Mother was not a racist, it was just the way her generation spoke of other nationalities.

Does this story show, as Stourton claims, that now we have all been brainwashed by the Thought Police the world is a better place for Political Correctness. Or does it show, as we suspect, that the wusses and woofters who run the mainstream media have never set foot on Planet Reality where the real people live.

Wop-Ho : The Dear Old Queen Mother was the EU embodied

And while we are on the subject of being politically correct get a load of this PC twaddle from the nauseatingly sychophantic Michael Tomasky who is in danger of completely disappearing up Sidi Obama’s scawny arse. The patronising Yank twat sneeringly asks could Britain elect a black President. The answer of course is yes but we are too smart to elect a man purely for the colour of his skin. We would want to se his credentials (or lack of them in Obama’s case) first.
Tomasky also conveniently forgets that twenty years ago we British had a woman Prime Minister and if we think of the blatantly sexist campaigns run by Sidi Obama and his terrorist loving supporters against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin hell will freeze over before that happens in America. And after Sidi Obama’s presidency it will be a longer time before American voters entertain another black candidate. See Well Britain, could you do it?

Call for post election unity fails the giggle test
For a better post-election view of America Pam Meister at Pajamas Media has this very perceptive and realistic article online. Pam examines Obama’s claim to have “united” America and finds it somewhat risible.
Obama’s call for election unity fails the giggle test

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