Merchant Bankers Hired As Science Teachers…

A news story in one of the quality Sunday papers yesterday reported that in the wake of huge redundancies among employees of financial institutions in the wake of the global banking crisis, science graduates tempted by the astronomical salaries on offer to take up careers in the financial markets are now finding themselves unemployed.

A scheme has been launched by the Department of Work and Pensions to fast track these new dole bludgers into careers as science teachers.

Wait a minute. Considering the mess they made of the banking system do we want these fuckers teaching anybody anything

Darling must go further

Darling Has Gone Gone Too Far

We can’t leave the talking to Dawkins

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6 thoughts on “Merchant Bankers Hired As Science Teachers…

    • I’m not sure Ros, with people of such stupendoust incompetence you might find the one place they could not explode everything is a lab full of volatile chemicals.

      I mean, what kind of mentality does it take to turn your back on a career making whizz-bangs in favour of a career creating secrutitized investment vehicles? :??:


  1. I can see it now.

    “Sir, Sir, is it true you are a merchant banker, Sir?”

    “You look like a merchant banker to me Sir”

    “Sir, Sir, do you know cockney rhyming slang Sir?”


  2. Childrens’ Science Exam.One of my friends at posted a brilliantly funny piece today so I though we would all enjoy it. Here are a few samples:

    Children’s Science Exam posted on by Rovin V.

    If you need a good laugh, try reading through these childre…


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