Boggartblog Christmas Quiz, Question 1

Title and Author of the original story from this TV listing.

“An Italian trader enters into a business deal with a moneylender, but faces dire consequences if he fails to keep his part of the bargain.”

He could even be forced to part with his Porsche!

Answers on a postcard, please!

A virtual bottle of Lidl’s best Asti Spumante to the first correct answer opened.

And the Beeb says it is not dumbing down.

5 thoughts on “Boggartblog Christmas Quiz, Question 1

  1. “Tickle us, do we not laugh?”

    this tickled me.

    You can imagine a BBC programme controllers saying, as the viewing figures roll in, “Cut our budgets do we not haemorrhage viewers?


    • We could come up with the Tv listings for the complete works if we put our minds to it.

      “Two teenagers fall in love and elope, but will they live happily ever after?”

      “A scotsman bent on siezing power turns to murder, spurred on by his wife.”

      “On an estate in the North a young man dithers over his misfortunes, a murdered father, a suicidal girlfriend, an incestuous uncle. Will he find the strength to avenge his father’s death?”


      • I thought the second one was about Ricky and the ginge who used to squawk “RICKEEEE” in East Enders.

        How about:

        Old geezer and his Daughter go on holiday to a Mediterranean island, have a lousy time coz the hotel isn’t finished and the daughter is sexually harrassed by the local crusty. And then their little lives are rounded with a sleep. Stars Johnny Vegas and Tubbs from The League Of Gentlemen.


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