Horrid Henry, Pork Sausages and Authoritarianism

Pork Is Not The Only Food Worry

The Irish pork scare news may be a storm in a frying pan but what about all the other toxic shit that finds its way into other foods (including diet soft drinks such as Boggart Blog’s favourite Rola Cola and those dayglo coloured concoctions that resemble outfall from a Sellafield waste pipe) We don’t see the Food Standards Agency being quite so keen to take on Big Pharma or the food indistry.

Mind you there is probably so little that is not man made in what we eat these days the chemical manufacturers could probably starve us into submission.

Is Horrid Henry Good For Children

Some politically correct parents and educationalists are worried that Horrid Henry books are bad for children. Politically correct nonsense of course, Kids love blood, gore and body functions that function at inconvenoent times. You may recall the spats between religious fundamentalists and science fundamentalists over Harry Potter books and Phillip Pullman’s novels. One lot insist that reading the stories of wizardry and magic encourage kids to get down with The Devil, the other lot whined that reading such material induced “magical thinking” (whatever that is) and superstition.

Both missed the point. If you tell kids something is disapproved of by adults they will be all the more keen to read it.

Remember It’s A Labour Government The Daily Mail’s Brendan Brogan sees signs of a new authoritarianism in the Damien Green affair. Still it’s reassuring to know Gordon Brown will be marching in goose step with Barak Obama.

Don’t forget out blog of amusing shorts (no its not Timmy Mallett’s biography) A Tale Told By An Idiot

7 thoughts on “Horrid Henry, Pork Sausages and Authoritarianism

  1. I think geese get a bad deal. They are charming animals, who are quite individualistic. I have never seen a goose invading the Sudetenland. You do see them poohing on the grass, which is something which other animals get in quite a lot of trouble for.


    • I have to disagree Geese are fascist bastards. My Dad won one in the village summer fete skittles contest one year. Nobody could go near it, it terrorised us.

      But when the time came it tasted good 😉


    • I’ve never come across breasts (oops, pardon!) like bunches of grapes Ros but the idea is very stimulating. I do know that “comfort me with apples” really refers to Pomegranates as apples do not grow in the middle east. And Pomegranates are a symbol of female fertility. So perhaps if it was translated properly it would.

      Listen carefully next April or May and you might hear the voice of the turtle yourself 😉

      What are you doing reading The Song Of Solomon anyway? A lot of Christians think it should be thrown out of the O.T. for being too porny and pagan. Good though innit?


      • Educational – if you are interested in mythology like I am its an interpretation of the Babylonian myth of Inanna and Tammuz (he pops up in Ezekiel or Lamentations or somewhere like that, it says the women of Israel wept for him .All of them? he must have been a prodigius shagger.)

        Anyway Inanna was a Goddess who fell in love with a Shepherd boy (Tammuz) but she being a mighty Goddess who didn’t think things through, killed him when she tried to boff him.

        Anyway what is presented as a conversation in erotic verses between Solly and the Shulamite (whose name was Abishag BTW – no really, stop smirking, it was) the original was the wooing of Inanna and Tammuz when she appeared to him in mortal form. She was devastated and raised him (not hard when you have breasts like bunches of grapes)then made him immortal. This could be why the women of Israel wept, if he was immortal boffing him would kill them. Bummer.

        When you read in Deuteronomy how the Jews treated their women worse that they treated their goats you can understand why the women of Israel wept for Tammuz. He was a romantic little soul really.


  2. Supersize Snacks (make Scooby Snack like like health food)We are always going on about Nanny State wagging her finger at our little pleasures like the occasional pies I enjoy or fatsally’s chocolate. And we’re right to feel peeved.

    Take a look at some of the most seriously artery clogging snacks in the wor…


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