Recession Is A Success For The Government

Boggart Blog has been accused of taking a negative view of the news and even of promoting pessimism and despair just to get cheap laughs. This is totally unjustified. We Boggart Bloggers like to think we are realists perhaps but pessimists, never. Why, on our only religious observance of the year, when the whole team gathers in the blog office on Easter Sunday morning, we order in bacon butties and coffee from Grabber’s Greasy Spoon just along the street (you will always see Hazel Blears Harley Davidson parked outside as she trawls for rought trade) and together we watch The Life Of Brian. And we sing Always Look On The Bright Side at the end as enthusiastically as anybody possibly could.

In keeping with this upbeat and positive outlook then we would like to congratulate The Government on its latest triumph in the battle against climate change. A report published last week shows that in the final quarter of 2008 demand for electricity fell sharply. This resulted in a drop in carbon emissions, moving the nation closer to our target on carbon footprint reduction.

Credit where credit is due then. A big well done to the Department of Energy for getting the message across so effectively. Only a bunch of curmudgeons would mention that it took a major economic recession to bring about this change in attitudes as people living in terror of crippling utility bills or of having their homes repossessed are forced to choose between having a bath or a hot meal.

We Boggart Bloggers are not curmudgeons, we are positive, young, modern bloggers, keen to move forward to meet the challenges and seize whatever opportunities the future offers so we will not mention that inconvenient fact but will just point out that we could mention it if we really intent on subverting Nu Labour’s new, modern, positive Britain. We would rather say that a goal achieved by whatever means, even driving people into poverty and homelessness, should be celebrated. We are after all a gaol, I mean goal driven society. To Gordon Brown, Alistair, Mandy and go we say well done, and keep up the good work boys.

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Anyone need a plaster Daily Telegraph Blogger compares the government’s efforts to deal with the economic meltdown to putting an elastoplast on a severed limb.

Politics is like sex, Hazel Blears advises Labour. Well as a harley Davidson rider she should know how it feels to have a couple of big piston rods pumping away between her legs.

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After the Atheist Bust, The Recession Bus – see it at Times Online

Billionaire investment banker Warren Buffet says Barack Obama understands economics. All this proves is that Buffett doesn’t understand economics. But then what investment banker ever did?

Another idiotic Obamessiah cult member manages to credit Obama with ending the recession before The Chosen One has even uttered in intelligent word of policy. Obama can pledge technology will lead us out of thev recession to a new 21st century capitalism and a revitalised economy, but a smart guy (which is what he is supposed to be) would make sure the technologies he is relying on exist first.

Update 5 Feb 2009:
Daily Mail blogger Ben Brogan accuses Gordon Brown of Shameless dishonesty as the Prime Minister tries to evade questions. The thing about the people in Shameless though is they know how to throw a party. None of our political leaders seem to know how to lead one.
A Lesson In Shamelessness

10 thoughts on “Recession Is A Success For The Government

    • Henry VIII said he had a bath once a year whether he needed it or not. Coal Miners oop ‘ere i’ t’ norf used to refuse to have a bath as they believed it weakened their backs.
      I never have a bath, I have a shower every day (why have a wet room if you don’t use it?) With my left side no longer paralyzed but still with very restricted movement climbing in and out of a bath is an embuggerance to say the least.
      But if ever faced with that choice I would probably choose the meal – especially if it was my favourite lamb, date and chickpea casserole.


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    • I hope you sell lots and we’ll give you a link from the main page to help a bit. Trouble is these days most people are as broke as a politician’s promise. :))


  3. Good one!
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