Religious Cult behind Latest Labour Sleaze Scandal.

As calls gather strength and momentun for a criminal investigation into allegations that four Labour members of The House of Lords have been taking bungs for amending new laws we have to listen to these Lords explaining why it is perfectly OK for them to take money from interests such as a group suooprting the Heathrow third runway. (No possibility of a conflict of interest there of course.)

Corruption in the form of graft and payola has always gone on of course so perhaps we should not take that too seriously. There is a more important issue here. Boggart Blog demands we be told who was responsible for appointing a senior member of a crackpot religious cult to the government.

Labour life peer Lord Moonie was drafted into the House of Lords in 2005, on the strength of his valuable services to……erm…political stuff, you know. Nice work when you can get it.

Under the influence Do we need a sleazebags anonymous to help MPs and Lords who get addicted to bungs, graft and payola?

Whatever happened to proper cults like Trekkies or Whoies or Teddies (Father Ted Fans or even the Dudies – check them out in Bowling For Cult Status

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9 thoughts on “Religious Cult behind Latest Labour Sleaze Scandal.

      • You said it!!! I love you Ros MWAH! 😀

        You might not hear the chicken cluck because its head is not attached to its lungs but it thinks it is clucking. In the same way Gordon thinks he is saving to world because he doesn’t know he has no policies.


      • Yes but if you’re a chicken you don’t need a beak or a brain to think you’re clucking. And if you’re a Gordon you don’t need a policy to delude yourself you are dealing with a problem.

        It justs needs a bit of existentialist philosophy.:yes:


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