A cocktail of mixed metaphors

I have always appreciated the comic potential of a mixed metaphor (provided it is shaken not stirred of course) so I have to express disappointment with this one from guest blogger Christopher Hatem at America’s Right. Chris warns that while Americans is focused on the action on the main, stage Barack Obama, his magicians top hat and his white rabbit stimulus bill, they are ignoring the fire in the lobby. The fire in the lobby is The Russian Bear Chris says.

Sorry but it just doesn’t work for me.

“The Russian Bear is the elephant in the room would have been better.

Share your favourite mixed metaphors in the comment thread.

UPDATED 18:00 Feb. 10

AMERICANS of the Democrat persuasion seem to think now Bish has gone and they have elected a Black President we all love them. It was never just Bush of course. Read this article by Carol Gould slating Stephen Fry’s rather affectionate look at America which the writer here accuses Fry of deploying a nasty anti American spin. For someone who has lived in Britain, Gould demontrastes a complete failure to understand the British mindset as I point out rather eloquently in my comment #21 in the thread.

3 thoughts on “A cocktail of mixed metaphors

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