Gene Is Genetically Shy

Not long ago it was reported by the national press and television that geneticists had identified a gene that causes shyness in human beings. Ever since then Boggart Blog, always willing to go where mainstream media fears to tread, has been trying to secure the first interview with the reclusive gene. We though it might tell us how it works and thus help chronically shy people to have a better social life.

Sadly the gene refuses to be interviewed and wears a bag over its head to prevent photographs.

Since we first tried to contact it the gene has changed location regularly, leave it’s phone off the hook, does not carry a cellphone, uses a mailing address and has told us through friends it just wants to be left alone.

There are some genes you just can’t help.

UPDATED 10 Mar 2009:
The science lobby is making a big thing of Barack Obama’s decision to bypass congress and use an executive order to reverse George W. Bush’s ban on embryo stem cell research. Once again it is empty and vacuous gesture politics from Obama and much hype from the media. Embryo stem cell researchy, inspite of the many promises of miraculous cures from the science lobby has provided no positive results. Stem cell research using cells harvested from placenta or umbilical cord tissue or from stem cells created rom modified aduklt skin cells has given us many positive lines of research. (For more background read Much Ado About Obama and Stem Cells at Pajamas Media
So the return to embryo tem cell research offers society nothing except another opportunity for the mainstream media to big up the Obamesiah.

Unless of course there is a hidden agenda.

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