Latest UFO sighting? The Return Of Turd Nine From Outer Space.

UFO filmed hovering over Somerset? It’s the return of the cosmic turds.

Sometime last year we reported in an item titled Turd Nine From Outer Space, an acknowledgement of the greatest sci – fi movie ever made (not!) on the attack of the cosmic turds, a spate of UFO sightings in the 1980, details of which had been released into the public domain. The sightings, including photographs are video footage fell into the category “no rational explantion” after MOD experts had tested the evidence to ensure these incidents were not hoaxes.

The most remarkable think about the Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ) was they were brown in colour and cylindrical in shape, not the more usual fancifl shapes on flashing, shimmering objects described by people who claim to have seen a UFO after eating wild mushrooms up on the moors.

Now we can bring you, courtest of that repository of all that is respectable, conservative and opposed to the ingestion of mind altering substances The Daily Telegraph video footage of a cosmic turd UFO filmed hovering over Somerset last year. The footage has been examined and pronounce authenic. So here is a chance to make up your own minds.

People will believe what they want to believe of course and those fearful of sticking so much as a small toe outside their confort zone will accuse me of having been at the old “herbal mixture” again.

That is your right. Just don’t start whining to me when you wake up one morning inside a cosmic turd with sensors strapped to your sensitive bits.

Did you see that? One of the whackier theories on what UFOs actually are.
Life On Mars
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Astronomers reveal fast FRBs have been discovered coming from the same mystery cosmic source

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12 thoughts on “Latest UFO sighting? The Return Of Turd Nine From Outer Space.

    • Well anything is possible.

      When we first reported Turd Nine From Outer Space someone started banging on about how silly it was to believe in Little Green Men.
      It is of course, from such a space ship they would have to be Little Brown Smelly Men


  1. Fear and Panic and H.P. Sauce.Those two fiery – eyed black horses that in ancient Greek myths pull the chariot of Greek war god Ares have galloped though Boggart Blog many times and today they are with us again in spirit if not in actuality. Phobos and Deimos or Fear and Panic in …


  2. Don’t be fooled by Films just cause it’s Science Fiction. These Aliens well a race of them that’s light green can project an image around them to cover them from getting seen. A bit like a towel when naked.


  3. Interesting video. I’m really interested in the whole thing of UFO’s, aliens and the conspiracy theories surrounding them. It could, however, be a piece of metal from the satalite collision that happened a few months ago. They think that pieces of the satalistes that collided could orbit the Earth for thousands of years. But I couldn’t tell is it was hovering or not. If it was, then that would scrap that theory!


    • A true sceptic neither believes nor disbelieves anything.

      The thing about UFOs, Area 51 and al that stuff is the only people really in the know are not going to tell the world what they know.


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