Get The Snouts Out Of The Trough

The Anorak, a populist and sensationalist web news and scandal sheet we like very much has started a campaign to get the porcine snouts of Greedy banker out of the trough of public funding by launching a petition.

Boggart Blog, being a more highbrow forum for informed opinion and comment does not trouble itself with polls and petitions but while we are having an easy day you might like to look at The Arorak post Snout Of Order and join the campaign to hassle Gordon Brown, you MP, Alan Sugar, Alistar Darling (wouldn’t you love to be a fly in the wall when those two re talking; “Alan sugar?” … “Yes Alistair darling”) Uncle Fred and that bloke who looked at you a bit funny in the pub last night to quit feeding the porkers and hand over to We The Punters” all the shares in the banks that we have bought, paid for and never seen hide not hair of.

AND ON THE SUBJECT of snouts in the trough and people who tell porkies to conceal their mendacity, what about Home Secretary Jaqui Smith whose job in government is to oversee the police and the legal system. The minister for law and order you might say. Ms Smith was caught fiddling her expenses by saying her main home was in fact her constituency pied a terre whille her main residence was the spare room in her sister’s house in North London. Thus the taxpayer (We The Punters) were paying the mortgage on Ms Smith’s family home. But who do you think would have trousered the money when she sold it? Not We The Punters that’s for sure.

So the Home Secretary fiddled her expenses, who hasn’t done that? Except when its a free house that has been fiddled rather than a free lunch and the culprit is the government minister in charge of law and order it starts to look a bit different.

To compound the crime, when Ms Smith was pulled up for having her snout in the trough of taxpayers money, clearly a criminal fraud, she blatantly lied. Now having been thoroughly exposed has she resigned. Has the moralising Gordon Brown sacked her? And have the ascendany Tories crucified her with calls for her resignation. NO, the corrupt set of shyster have closed ranks around her.

Read the story Jaqui Smith faces war on two fronts on Iain Dale’s blog

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4 thoughts on “Get The Snouts Out Of The Trough

  1. In many countries the fact that politicians care only about their own pocket is well known and acceptable. The only difference is that here we pretend it’s different.

    One thing I cannot stand is hypocrisy. We seem to get an overdose of it here recently.


    • Well quite. In Italy its well known politicians are little better than the Mafia so people just get on with life and don’t let politics interfere. It works too. For all the pomposity and planning and focis groups and quangos and consultative committees in this country they seem to get just as much done in Italy. There’s a better atmosphere too.


      • So in other words, it’s time for the second English civil revolution. We want an Italian style government — open corruption without hypocrisy


  2. Actually what we are heading back to is a bureaucratic version of despotis. Not long before the English civil war broke out one of Cromwell’s supporters wrote to King Charles I saying that the ordinary people demanded and deserved a voice in government.

    The King replied that the business of government was nothing to do with ordinary people.

    You can almost hear Gordon Brown saying something similar.


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