Ryan Air Cheap Flight Revolution.

Budget airline Ryanair have developed a wonderful business plan to be the recession. They will fly you anywhere in the world for £1 but will charge £500 to use the lav if you need an in flight waz or possibly more for a poo.

We often notice how news stories that come into the office complement each other, one of the advantages of making the news up perhaps. Yesterday we reported on Americans’ use of copious amounts of toilet toilet, paper today we predict that having persuaded passengers to pay for use of the toilet they will come up with the idea of charging £1 for every sheet of bog roll used. On a flight to New York, Miami, L.A. or any major U.S. airport the airline could clean up.

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10 thoughts on “Ryan Air Cheap Flight Revolution.

  1. Farts of Mass DestructionA story picked up from Yahoo News yesterday makes us wonder if the Turrrists and People of Evelyn Tent are getting more subtle and cunning or if the security forces are getting more stupid and paranoid.
    An Aircraft bound for Dallas on a U,S. interna…


  2. Don’t Wipe Your Arse On Your KeyboardA microbiologist who spends his time sniffing people;’s computer keyboards and toilet seats has concluded that the average keyboard is dirtiers than your typical toilet seat.

    The first thought to spring to my mind on reading the news story was this …


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