…But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars…

Every now and then we will post a blog on the weirder side of life; the latest UFO sightings (Turd Nine From Outer Space) cases of Alien Abduction, reports of the Amoeba Contabulae in Did You See That, said to be the inspiration for H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, the irrationalities of Big Bang theory or anything we can twist a comic thread out of.

On such occasions it is inevitable some scientific dork will turn up in the comment thread a few days later (when Google has had time to index the piece) and berate us for our gullibility in believing such unscientific nonsense. It’s stange how they always miss the fact that we are a comedy blog.

If Boggart Blog does have a motto though, it is “Same Rules Apply.” So perhaps someone can tell us why it is OK for “scientists” to spend £££millions on chasing fantasies of aliens when we are “foolish and gullible” for feigning credulity for the sake of a few jokes? Take a look at this from Today’s Guardian:

Jupiter and its moon system has been visited successively by Pioneer 10 and 11, by the two Voyager spacecraft, and by a dedicated spacecraft called Galileo. These revealed something unexpected: Europa is encased in a thick sheet of ice that seems to have fractured and been repaired, again and again. That is, it looks just like sea ice on planet Earth. The fracturing and refreezing could only happen if, under the ice, there is a liquid ocean. And water could only stay liquid so far from the sun if there is a source of energy at the core of Europa.

The fundamental requirements for life seem to be water and a source of energy. So, for more than a decade, space scientists have been tantalised by the possibility that, beyond Mars, beyond the asteroid belt, and wheeling around the second biggest object in the solar system, there could be living things, sheathed in an enormous goldfish bowl, masked by dense, self-repairing ice, the creatures of a separate genesis.
Read more of the Jupiter space exploration project in today’s Guardian Online.

OK so they are talking about sending a hugely expensive space probe into (cue stressy music) The Outer Limits of the solar system, we are talking about having a few glasses of Scrumpy Cider or Theakstons Old Peculiar, smoking a bit of herbal mixture, going out into the back garden and looking at the sky.

But other than the scale of the operation where’s the difference?

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UPDATED 25 March 2009: AND TALKING OF THE CRAZY THINGS people say or do when they are drunk or stoned, the big question in America this week is: Had Barack Obama been at the old herbal mixture when he appeared on the 60 Minutes television news magazine? Check out the video embedded in Obama’s 60 Minute High on Texas Darlin’ blog and make your own mind up. I don’t want to influence your judgement but I think if someone had handed the President a Mars Bar we all know what he would have done with it.

Solar Storm Heading Our Way

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7 thoughts on “…But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars…

  1. Latest UFO sighting? The Return Of Turd Nine From Outer Space.UFO filmed hovering over Somerset? It’s the return of the cosmic turds.

    Sometime last year we reported in an item titled Turd Nine From Outer Space, an acknowledgement of the greatest sci – fi movie ever made (not!) on the attack of the cosmic turds…


  2. A God Walks Amongst Us And He Is Called The StigIt’s funny how profound insights can be gained from seemingly flippant remarks.

    Last week co-author Fatsally, commenting on the hysterical bigging up of every banal utterance of The Obamessiah , questioned Barry’s claim to divinity by pointing out t…


  3. The UFO Files – Turd Nine From Outer SpaceMore files on incidents involving UFOs (Unclassified Fun Opportunities) were released by the Ministry of Defence this week and these contain some stories that are very difficult to ascribe to overindulgence in Scrumpy Cider, Theakstons Old Peculiar or …


  4. The Moon In JulyIt may be the time of year, it may be the after effects of the brilliant two-part finale to the Doctor Who season, it may even be a result of fear and panic generated by the recent spate of UFO sightings reported in The Currant Bun.
    Whatever it is, th…


  5. Smack in the gob for sceptics ( paranormal )This is in response to a personal message written in a sneering tone about our recent halloween posts. The writer obviously thought we take ourselves seriously.

    Don’t these literally – minded people annoy us fun loving, open minded types who love to…


  6. Life on MarsToday BoggartBlog invites Ed Butt, editor of our “Conspiracy Theory of the Month” feature to comment on recent claims that the discovery of ice on Mars proves there was once life on the red planet and justifies America’s plan to land men there.

    I h…


  7. Did you see that?There, in the sky, how could you miss it? It was only their for a split second but it was enormous; the size of a Jeffery Archer Pork Pie,* an enormous, amorphous thing. But it was a thing – the shadow of a cloud, not a flock of birds. It was somethin…


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