Full Marks (and Spencers) for Wise Buys and Big Knickers.

Not long ago we reported on the plans of posh people’s supermarket Waitrose to introduce its own budget brand to compete with Tesco No Frills and Asda Smart Price. Waitrose ignored our suggestion that the new line should be called “Not Very Many Frills” and chose to call it essentials. While some of you may wonder just how essential items like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Tinned Mung Beans and budget Pate de Fois Gras actually are to your shopping basket we are more concerned to find that now Waitrose have fallen to the recession, that bastion of suburban values Marks and Spencer are to follow. Bludgeoned by recesion, credit crunch and quantitative easing
M & S are aggressively promoting their own budget brand “Wise Buys”

Shopper watching in Marks will be a good way of finding out who is truly classy and who just has pretensions. Your real quality (a) would not be seen dead in an M & S sweater and (b) would not buy a budget brand because they would be aware of the old false economy maxim, “buy chap, buy twice.” Its surprising though how many of the showiest people are cheapskates. All fur coat and no knickers as the saying goes.

Which moves us on to the wisest buy for women shopping in Marks during these chilly economic times, the best money saver of all; Big Knickers. The traditional passion killers of the past ought to be the essential underwear of the recession.

How so? Big Knickers are truly passion killers, newly unemployed people with time on their hands may find their thoughts turning to afternoon delight before the kids get home from school. If you look at the latest official figures on the cost of bringing up a child you will understand the economic benefits of sexually repellent underwear.

More on Big Knickers in Ethical Knickers For Your valentine
While some women find security in Big Knickers others are insulted at suggestions they need such things.

While British Supermarkets batlle it out with Budget brands over in Eastern Europe they are tacking the recession in much more creative ways.
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8 thoughts on “Full Marks (and Spencers) for Wise Buys and Big Knickers.

  1. Why Buy? Because even though quality has gone down the pan I can still wear M&S medium guzzies wheras Asda’s or Tescos are so skimped I can’t even get one leg in their XXXXL.

    Teri bought me some medium underpants from Asda. They would perhaps hasve fitted a medium sized ten year old.


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