New Primary Curriculum? We Hate To Twitter We Told You So.

This blog has forever liked to lampoon politicians of the “New Left” (i.e. somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan) for every hypocritical duplicitous thing they do but particularly for their inept and toe curlingly embarrassing attempts to be kewl and get down with the kids. The yoof vote is not likely to be engaged by some middle aged bloke with a brush up his arse trying to rap or break dance.

If things keep going this way, we told you on umpteen occasions, the native language taught in British schools will not be English but txt.

n we wr rt 2.

The new primary schools curriculum acording to a daft, sorry; draft proposal resealed yesterday by the Department Of Education, Science and Silly Walks suggests primary school children will no longer have to study The Victorian era or World War 2 in history, nor will they need to learn basic geography. Instead they will study Twitter, Wikipedia, blogging and new media skills. And probably political correctness too.

It will come as no surprise to most readers that teachers organisations critical of the government’s education policies were excluded from the consultation process.

And what, we wonder, are our little darlings going to learn in music lessons. Tomorrow Belongs To Me perhaps?

See the clip from the film cabaret where the boy sings Tomorrow Belongs To Me the Nazi lyric of the beautiful German folk melody, growing more strident and threatening with each verse. And note the way the dog gets up and walks out at the end.

Now hear the podcast on the new curriculum, but remember lest you catch yourself thinking it all sounds quite reasonable, a dumbed down society is a controllable society.

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