The Counter Insurgency Sleeps With The Fishes

This week the British Army in Iraq will hand over it’s main base to the Americans. This is the beginning of The Long Goodbye for our half of “the coalition of the willing.” Soon there will only be a skeleton force left behind our Ministry of Defence source told us.

When they say a skeleton force we hope they are not referring to the soldiers who died in Iraq. Such bad taste should be left to satirical bloggers.

To commemorate the occasion of the British withdrawal while Iraq is still in chaos, we heard on the news the Iraqi government presented the senior British officer Major General Andy Salmon with a fish. (Cue theme from The Godfather.) Now it could be that Iraq’s leaders share the perverse sense of humour of your Boggart Bloggers and are just using the General’s name to make a cheap joke or it could be a Godfather – like was of saying “We have kicked your pathetic occupation force back into the Persian Gulf.

With typical political double speak the commander read a statement prepared for him by the ministry which praised the british troops for having carried out a successful mission which will leave Iraq a better nation that when it was occupied.

At a key oil installation not far away a bomb killed three Iraqi police officers and three civilians.

’nuff said.

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