The Price Of A Pint ? Freedom.

Health experts are say the government’s anti–drinking campaign is not working and advising that only price increases will reduce binge drinking. As your Boggart Bloggers have predicted for many years the real agenda is to demonise drinking in the same way as smoking was demonised. Tasty food will be next on the agenda.

Imposing punitive taxes to increase the price of booze will not work, all it will do is alienate the responsible drinkers and boost the takings of cross channel ferry operators. My experience of working in Sweden revealed another likely result.

In Sweden drink prices are among the highest in the world. So is the rate of liver damage. At least this proves that human resourcefulness will always find a way to beat the system which is comforting.

Swedish drinkers have to pay almost a fiver a pint for beer and a bottle of spirits costs an arm and a leg which gives them a head start when they fancy getting legless. Even with those prices the streets are full of drunks on a Friday and Saturday night, friendly drunks: at least the booze does not seem to bring out their aggression. How do people afford to get drunk at those prices? Home brewing and wine making are very popular pastimes in Sweden and I am pleased to confirm many Swedes are exceptionally competent practitioners of their hobby.

The resistance goes even deeper however. On television travel programmes you may have noticed the Swedish countryside is dotted with wooden cabins. most are quite innocent leisure homes used by families for holidays. A significant few however house illegal stills. In these cabins people distil their own Aquavit (water of life) a.k.a Moonshine, Mountain Dew, Idiot’s Broth, Journey Into Space etc. a fiery type of vodka.

Potent stuff this Aquavit is too. At one of our project parties a couple of guys brought in a jug of the product of their recreational distilling project. It was more Molotov Cocktail than Lem Moltow. For those of us brave enough to sample it they poured generous measures into paper cups usually used in the hot drinks machine. We never got to taste the liquor, it dissolved the glue that held the cups together.

I resolved to stick to Jack Daniels (made by Lem Moltow distillery for anyone who missed that joke), Chivas Regal and Old Bushmills. :yes:

Though doctors, health experts and alcohol abuse organisations back the government like but say too little is being done to curb the misuse of alcohol. The truth is they are all doing too much. Government action always achieves the opposite of what it aims to do so it follows that the more they promote the idea that drinking is bad the more people will do it.

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