Benny Goes To Bethlehem

On the eve of his official visit to Israel Pope Benny said he had always felt Christians and Jews should be reconciled and come together.

Well I first came together with a Jewish person in 1970. He name was and I hope still is Denise. And we were not the only ones so where has Benny been all these years.

Leaving my sexual CV aside, the news of Benny’s call for reconciliation shows the Pope in a different light. People who he been unkind about certain aspects of his early life were unjustified. We are now aware he only joined The Hitler Youth so he could be closer to Jewish people.

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10 thoughts on “Benny Goes To Bethlehem

  1. Sir,

    We see the ‘Tags’ of your today’s blogpost are:

    news – blog – israel – pope – humour – christians – jewish

    Now, news are news, israel is israel, pope is pope, christians are christians, and jews are jews, but… with the tag ‘humour’ do you possibly mean The Hitler Youth?


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