The Feeding Of The Fifty Million

Conservative and independent critics of the freespending ways of Barack Obama and his Magic band are wondering how the three and a half trillion dollars the new President has already committed itself to spending can possibly be funded. Taxing the rich has een put forward as a solution but with the commitments running at $30,000 for each and every one of the three hundred million people in America there are going to be some pretty unpopular taxes announced soon.

This does not deter the Administration; Obama and his cohorts are already planning to announce further spending plans totalling $2trillion.

Where can this money possibly be coming from? The latest poster from the headquarters of The Obamessiah Campaign might give you a clue.
Latest Obamessiah Poster

The US economy will be saved by divine intervention then? Faithful followers of the chosen one are convinced it is so. They are starting to sem like that religious cult who every few years march to the top of a mountain and wait for the world to end … and wait … and wait a bit longer … and then march down.

We should be comforted by the impending collapse of the US economy however. The Obama adminidtration’s fiscal profligacy and incompetence on top of that the Bush administration were responsible for makes our MPs expenses fiddlng look like kids stuff.

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