A Rare Outbreak Of Sanity.

Amid all the kerfuffle in the past week about Afghanistan. What with the increase in casualties, Gordon Brown calling for more troops to be sent (but not allocating the money to send any), the senior officers saying OK, more soldiers would be very nice but we’d really like more guns that shoot, more boots that march, more helicopters that fly and a few tanks that don’t tank when you take them off-road, it has all become a bit silly.

New Labour has been accused of trying to fight a war on the cheap and retaliated by saying that their priority is nation building and to that end they must be sure funds are available to support civil rights groups for Afghan gay and lesbian single parents once the Taliban have been defeated.

The Americans are faring no better, with Barack Obama, angry at the Talibans’ refusal to comply with his diktat, asking “Don’t these people know I was elected President Of The World?” while his chief of operations (oil rich failed nations) talks of troop surges and The Department of Defense’s Politically Correct Thought Police talking about making the US military a tobacco free zone because allowing the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products on bases only encourages personnel to disregard the health risks. The US DoD Politically Correct Thought Police also feel if the Afghans see American soldiers smoking it will send out negative messages about the value of western style freeman moxy.

The report presented by health experts to the US Congress Defense Committee last week suggested all smoking by members of the US military be banned. Not just in camp but in war zones, everywhere, forever. It was quickly rejected. Quite right too. The very last thing soldiers need when they are holed up in a dugout in a hostile foreign country surrounded by heavily armed and bloodthirsty westerner-hating bastards is to reach into their kitbag for a ciggy and find instead an information leaflet saying “Smoking cigarettes can lead to many health problems in later life and even cause premature death in some cases.”

I wonder when the Politically Correct Thought Police were compiling the report and discussing how they should phrase the bit about health problems in later life they stopped to think of the odds against those soldiers having a later life.

The rejection of the report was a rare outbreak of sanity among the politically correct governments of the west. Unfortunately it did not get the coverage it deserved in the mainstream media.

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