Do Not Go Gentle Off The Eighteenth Tee

Though I have terms like “silver surfers” and all that crap about siver haired old age I’m taking a day off today to cheer for Tommy Watson in the golf. I would love a British player to win but today Tom Watson is not an American nor just one of the all time great golfers, he is every sixty year old with a spark of life still in their belly.

And he is reminding those who haven’t that sixty is the new forty (or 25 in my case) “Old age should burn and rave at close of day” and hit mean tee shots in major golf tournaments too if they wish. Go on Tommy Lad, all of us who aren’t dead yet are with you. Just because you are sixty does not mean you can’t be a contender.

Cleo or Sally may be along with a proper post later.

“Old age should burn and rave at close of day” is from “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas

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4 thoughts on “Do Not Go Gentle Off The Eighteenth Tee

  1. Sir,

    when I read here that “sixty is the new forty”(and the additional info in the brackets about your “case“), I realise we are about the same age. 🙂

    Blimey, and I thought it is always the ‘silver haired’ wisdom that speaks on this blog. Mind you, I always suspected you were younger, because of all those sparks of life still in your… belly head.

    Hope a British player has won… you deserve that enjoyment!


      • Sir,
        I know Tommy Watson did not win, still… just because of that you don’t need to inflict punishment on your dear self and talk about ‘dementia’ in connection with ‘Boggart Blog’.

        You see, I am a regular commenter on the highly serious and reliable ‘Boggart Blog’, that voice has a lot of hairs (some silver too), but never anything near dementia – I know what I am talking about… 🙂


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