The Moon Landing and the Earth Landing

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, humankind’s greatest achievement according to some, a cold war dick swinging exercise and colossal waste of money to others. And to a few die-hard conspiracy theorists a giant hoax filmed in a Hollywood studio.

I just mention the latter because it is bound to attract in a few days some members of The Church Of Scienceology cult to explain how silly, gullible and “unscientific” we are for believing such nonsense. Their comments are stupid but the slapdows are memorable.

As there is no suggestion anyone at Boggart Blog believes it such people only prove that (a) people who call themselves scientists can’t read and (b) neither can they get their heads around the scientific fact that Boggart Blog is a comedy blog which nobody with any sense would take seriously.

Having made that point we move on to address an important question. Given the Apollo 11 mission did land men on the moon and that those men were in transit a considerable time, what happened to the mission’s blue ice?

Our science expert Matt. E. Mattick has been investigating this and calculates that given the distance and low gravitational force in space, shallow trajectory and prolonged orbit the Apollo astronauts’ blue ice should be landing just about………………AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGH!

AND HRE FOR AFFICIONADOS is a completely new take on the hoax theory. I have never seen this one before today Moon Landings were real, what we saw on TV was faked by Stanley Kubrik

Birds Fall Ftom Sky – Conspiracy?

9 thoughts on “The Moon Landing and the Earth Landing

  1. Shame it had to be a propaganda exercise, and not about space exploration. Imagine if it had we’d be blogging now from our colonies on Mars and annoying the native Bleekmen – just as Philip K Dick said we would. :yes:


    • Yeah, and riding around in our own personal hovercraft and keeping two domestic robots, an ugly one to do housework and a Marilynbot or Paulnewmanbot for – ahem – amusement like loads of people back inn 1958 said we would by now.


      • We certainly did know how to dream. Most of us dreamed of having a spare shirt, a council house and a Morris Minor. Or if you really dared to think big a Ford Prefect 😉


      • Hmm, I was very dangerous back then, I dreamed of being married to Marianne Faithfull even though you could get heroin adiction from just kissing her and of owning an Alvis like Stephen Fry drives in Kingdom My wife loves the show, I love the car but sit there muttering “That bastard has got my car.”

        I grew out of both those dreams however.


  2. Walrus,
    The Scienceologists are different to the Scientologists. They are the people who would like to elevate science to religious status. They pissed me off in a Guardian comment is free thread last weekend. The atheist thinker Daniel Dennett has always been one of their heroes but has now written an essay saying he has found most people who attend church or follow a religion do not truly believe in God. Now to the Cult of Scienceology this is heresy. Their attitude is that anyone who does not fly into a rage at the mention of church, god or faith is a full on believer in the literal truth of the bible.

    So now these idiots have turned their rage on Dennett for saying something very sensible and obvious. For a lot of people the church is their social life just as for others it is the golf club. Whether religion is more harmful than golf is a matter of opinion. It really depends on how seriously people take either.


    • Religion more harmful than golf?
      Toss up really, those proper bibles are quite heavy and there’s all those candlesticks knocking about.
      How does that compare to a wallop with a five iron?

      Oh, that reminds me of two jokes, both Dave Allen I think.

      A vicar and a bishop are out having a round of golf and getting a little bit cross at the slow play of the man in front.
      Tired of waiting for the chap to finish faffing about on the green the vicar steps up to his ball and plays his shot.
      The ball soars into the air, straight as a die, and hits the slow player smack in the temple.
      The two clerics hurry to the green to see if they can help.
      When they get there they see that the other golfer is dead, the ball embedded in the side of his head.
      “Oh, dear,” says the vicar, “What are we to do now?”
      “Well personally I’d take a sand wedge.” replies the bishop.

      A bishop and a bookmaker were enjoying a round of golf. However the bookmaker was not an accurate golfer, and every time he missed a put would shout,”Oh bugger, missed!”
      The bishop kept a dignified silence until on the tenth he could stand the profanity no longer.
      “I must ask you to keep a civil tongue in your head,” he counselled. “The golf course is no place for foul language. Surely the good Lord will punish you if you persist in your profane ways.”
      The bookmaker was duly chastened and apologised to the bishop.
      However at the next green his ball ended up only two feet from the pin.
      Lining up the put, he took a deep breath, made a mental note not to swear and gently rolled the ball towards the hole.
      The ball inched forward, straight towards the hole, but at the last minute it trickled to the left of the pin.
      The bookmaker threw his club onto the floor, and yelled, “Oh bugger, missed!”
      There was a huge crack of thunder and a lightning bolt hurtled down from the heavens, striking the bishop dead.
      From up in the clouds a deep voice rumbled,”Oh bugger, missed!”


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