The Lost Generation – Youth unemployment

News today that one in five eighteen to twenty four year olds is unemployed is indeed terrible. Are we to suppose this figure represents those actively seeking work and does not include young people in further or higher education, on gap years backpacking round the world of just sitting around getting shit – faced (as Brother Bastion did for several years at that age).

Also what about those who have taken themselves off the “available for work” register because they did not fancy having their benefits stopped for turning down a job as a sex worker. These people are now mostly living off Mum and Dad.

But with our industrial base having been demolished by thirty years wild adventures in free market lunacy, our agricultural base having been eroded by politically correct policies that paid British farmers to “look after the environment” while we imported cabbages from Hungary eggs from Turkey and chickens from Thailand, what can we do. How can we possibly find meaningful work for these young people?

Bring back slavery, that’s how.

How We Lost A Generation
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8 thoughts on “The Lost Generation – Youth unemployment

  1. I’m still here. It is sad about high unemployment numbers. Isn’t that what swine flu and tamiflu is supposed to be reducing? Given that it has been known for ages that tamiflu causes self harming & possibly suicide in young adults.

    They weren’t testing it in Bridgend were they?


    • That’s a very good point – I feel a conspiracy theory coming on. Actually Tamiflu will probably have very little effect of redicing unemployment. The flu vaccine developed by Baxter International however could solve unemployment problems completely.

      Live Avian Flu Virus Placed In Flu Vaccine

      What’s worrying is they are trying to pass this off as a genuine mistake but doesn’t vaccination involve injecting people with a live virus so they develop antibodies?


  2. How about a return to National service. If BBC was called up at least I’d know that when I did my weekly shop on Monday I’d still have something left to eat by Tuesday tea time.
    And we wouldn’t have to keep the beer under lock and key or hide the KitKats.
    Mind you, the country wouldn’t have mounds of waste food, they’d need to use everything to feed a few platoons of ravenous teenagers.


  3. I’m not in favour of military service but I think some form of public service would be good. With teenagers growing so tall because of all the growrth hormones they pumped into the cattle used for supermarket beef, perhaps we could set their feet in concrete and plant them along vulnerable coastlines to strengthen the sea defences. That would keep hem usefully occupied and off the unemployment statistics.


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