Me Doc? I Never Touch A drop!

Great news this week for anyone who imbibes on a regular basis but daren’t go to the doctor with an ingrowing toe nail for fear of getting told off about the danger of too much alcohol, in the eyes of government two thimblefulls per day.
It now turns out that drinking two cans of soft full sugar drinks can have the same detrimental affect to your liver as drinking more than 2-3 units of alcohol per day.
Just make sure that Bacardi and coke is made with the full sugar variety of coke, or the gin and orange is made with a nice drop of Sunny Delight and then when you visit the doc and he does the blood test or whatever it is and informs you you have fatty liver syndrome, you can be all holier than thou and explain that you only drink coke, well in all that sugar whose going to notice a little bit of alcohol?
I know, you’re stil going to be chronically ill and probably need a new liver by the time you are 45 but it would be great to wipe the smile off the doctor’s face.

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