Olympic Womens’ Boxing, Another Resounding Triumph For Feminism

Those redoubtable campaigners for women’s rights have won another notable victory against the dark forces of masculine superiority. In the next Olympic games women will box competitively for medals. This is not naked mud wrestling type fighting we are talking about but real pulling on boxing goves and beating the crap out of each other type fighting.

What a resounding triumph for the Politically Correct Thought Police but am I the only one who remembers when, not so long ago, these same people were calling for boxing to be banned entirely as it was a brutal and barbaric sport?

Perhaps I am being curmudgeonly. We should all celebrate the wonderful progress the feminist movement has helped women to make. In the past forty years feminist led campaigns have also won women the right to work down coalmines, serve as combat troops in battle zones and earn their living as professional boxers.

In a comment thread on Daily Telegraph I saw one visitor ask “what exactly is a faminist.”

That’s an easy question to answer. On the above evidence a feminist is a misogynist with tits.

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8 thoughts on “Olympic Womens’ Boxing, Another Resounding Triumph For Feminism

  1. A parent of one of my pupils once told me he had enrolled little Brett in a boxing class as he thought it would help to curb his aggression…
    Maybe the powers that be are hoping this is one way to stop all those poor foreigners who come to London for the Olympics getting their heads kicked in by gangs of hoodied girls whilst the boys video it on their mobile phones.


  2. “Misogyny with tits” – anyone who’s ever read a Germaine Greer article in the Graunaid will tell you that!

    No high profile feminist is calling for girls who wear pink to be celebrated – perhaps we should start a campaign! 😉


  3. Olympic boxing isn’t like normal boxing tho, its more of a sport with points systems, not like normal boxing where u just beat the shit out of each other until one person gets knocked out. If u even get a bit dizzy in the olympics u forfit the match. I think that s fair enough for women to compete, after all its no different to judo or karate, and no one bitches that women can’t do that.


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