More Teachers Than Pupils Drop Out Of School.

Earlier this week we had a New Labour clone drop in on one of our old education related posts to tell us Boggart Bloggers what evil people we are for making fun of those wonderful people who staff our schools and deliver New Labour’s modern education policies. Teachers it seems are wonderful, dedicated professionals who are totally committed to making sure pupils pass their SATS tests and schools hit their targets and do well in league tables.

These comments are always welcome because they refresh those old comment threads and also give is a chance to deliver a reply that is not so much a slap down as a pile driver any WWF wrestler would be proud of.

Bizarrely these visits usually occur at the same time as a news story that underlines the total and utter failure of New Labour’s education policies. This may just be coincidence as it surely is when we take the piss out of Obama and a couple of days later Obots will start turning up and accusing us of being Nazis just as they are now busy accusing people who don’t like the healthcare plan of being Nazis.

Is it Nazi to point out how comprehensively New Labour’s progressive education reforms have failed (unless of course there was a hidden agenda) ? Is it subversive to point out that an education system in which one on five school leavers cannot read or write has not exactly made great strides forward from the days when it was impossible to pass GCSEs without being able to read and write.

The latest in a long line of failures to be highlighted in the press is a set of figures showing that 40% of newly qualified teachers have left the state education system within six months of qualifying. A few of these teacher drop outs get jobs in private education but most quit teaching completely to take up careers as sex workers, shelf stackers, burger flippers or call centre clerks.

Sadly these early drop outs from teaching in state schools are often the best qualified of the output from teacher training. This leaves the people not bright enough to flip burgers or stack shelves to man our classrooms and equip teenagers with the skills they will need to build a future.

In the whacky world of New Labour Education Policymaking however a good grasp of their specialist subject is a less important requirement for young teachers than being part of an oppressed minority. This seems to apply most in the key areas of maths and the natural sciences. A maths teacher with a good A level in maths is more rare than a maths teacher with Tourette’s syndrome.

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17 thoughts on “More Teachers Than Pupils Drop Out Of School.

  1. In my first semester at Uni we had to do this key skills course (with Maths, and computing components – even if your degree didn’t actually involve maths) which was so easy I found myself wondering “what’s the point? Shouldn’t this be taught to 14 year olds?”


  2. everyone I knew went to be a teacher because they didn’t know what they wanted to do. It was like…hmmm I’ve got no clue what I want to do with the rest of my life…I know I’ll be a teacher because at least then they’ll give me six grand and people won’t laugh at my job title. I would put money on this being the reason why the drop out rate is so high. Once they’ve qualified and realised it is in fact a load of screaming kids and more paperwork than the isa queue at barclays, they are out of there.


      • Yeah but when u have middle class families and the pressure not to end up in the dole queue or tescos its hard. Teaching is marketed at uni like the easy option and its almost like ‘well whats the point in wasting 3 years at uni if I’m going to do a job where I’m not gonna use it?’
        The truth is a degree doesn’t guarentee u a job nemore. Employers are like ‘so what?’ and the fear of being broke and having a job that you don’t want to admit to come the school reunion leads A LOT of people into teaching.


      • My daughter got a 2:1 in History of Art, Design and Film and now works as a physiotherapist in a ski resort in winter and a beauty therapist at a Mediterranean resort in summer.

        More fun than teaching I suppose 😉


      • It’s not just the kids and the paperwork, those parents have got to be one of the biggest off-putters ever.
        Not enough homework, too much homework
        not stretching Natasha, too hard on Reece,
        not enough discipline, too much discipline,
        my child wouldn’t copy another’s test answers,
        my child wouldn’t hit another child,
        my child doesn’t bully,
        my child doesn’t lie – this one invariably means it is a teacher or a dinner lady who has made up the story-, my child doesn’t steal
        and so on ad nauseum.
        And the inevitable,
        “well you can tell you haven’t got children” or
        “I’m going to report you to the governors”
        or, if you’re really lucky,both.


      • Yeah, I gave up trying to make it as a writer when I found penury was assured and the chances of fame were slender. I became a management systems consultant (eventually)


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