Obama’s Middle East Breakthrough – Status Quo Preserved

The cold light of reality is starting to shine on those who gathered in the newsrooms of media organisations to worship at the shrine of The Obamessiah. While the more fundamentalist members of the news community are today proclaiming the great “breakthrough” achieved by the Chosen One on the Arab / Israeli peace issue, others are seeing the news for what it is.

Team Obama’s claim to have paved the way to reopening of negotiations is based on America’s giving Israel exactly what they want while Israel gives the west nothing.

In order to secure concessions from Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Natenyahu, Obama has said the US will impose trade sanctions on Iran until the mad mullahs scrap their nuclear weapons program. This will drive up the price of oil in western markets as traders deprived of access to Iran’s supplies force up the price of what oil is available. Meanwhile Russia and China, as always will play their own games and if they can buy Iranian oil at a good price they will. So the Iranian people will be hurt, western businesses will be hurt and the Iranian regime will not be hurt a bit.

And in return for this the Israelis have promised not to build any new settlements in areas of the occupied territories where they never intended building any new settlements anyway.

Now who else have we seen manipulate foreign policy so masterfully in recent years? Oh yeah, that bloke named Blair.

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